The following built-in lights are available in Arnold from the Plugins > C4DtoA > Arnold Light menu:

Lights are displayed in the viewport like the standard C4D Light object. Technically the settings are mapped to a standard C4D light model that's why the following limitations apply:

Viewport display can be disabled via the Show in Editor flag on the Light tab. Also, the intensity in the viewport can be modified using the Intensity scale in Editor parameter.

Standard CINEMA 4D Lights

You can also use standard Cinema 4D lights when rendering with C4DtoA. To access the Arnold parameters you must add an Arnold tag to them (C4DtoA Tags > Arnold Parameters).

If you do not add an Arnold tag to the Light, Arnold specific parameters are exported with default values.

The light model in C4D and Arnold might be different since there's no one-to-one mapping in all cases.