Turbulence FD is a powerful simulation tool to create smoke, fire and explosion effects developed by Jawset Visual Computing. C4DtoA ships with native Turbulence FD support. You can follow an in-depth tutorial on how to use it with C4DtoA here.

Any TurbulenceFD Container object in the scene will render as an Arnold volume. To define parameters for the volume, you must add an Arnold tag to the container.

Step Size

Defines the sampling quality. Lower values collect more volume samples, resulting in a higher detail and sharper volume features at the cost of longer render times.

Note that quality also depends on the TFD voxel size and simulation settings. After a certain step size the quality will not change. However, the render time will increase.

Shape parameters

See Main Settings page for general shape parameters.

C4DtoA looks for the Turbulence FD plug-in under the plugins folder. If you have an error message in the log that the TFD library is not found, please check if your folder structure is right. For example a correct location on Windows is plugins/TurbulenceFD_C4D_v1-0_1391/TFD_loader_R15.cdl64.

Motion blur

The Motion blur tab offers a setting to enable/disable motion blur by TFD containers individually. Note that you still have to enable motion blur in the Render Settings first. You have to simulate the volume with the velocity channel enabled.

Velocity scale

Defines the strength of the motion blur effect. It's basically a multiplier of the velocity vector.

Turbulence FD workflow

A TFD container exports as a volume, therefore you can use any volume shader to shade it. The default is a standard_volume shader which uses density as the scattering and fire as the emission channel.

The following channels are exported from TFD (if they are enabled in the simulation):

To render the output of the smoke shader, you must use the smoke channel as scattering instead of density.

Density channel set to 'smoke'

A tutorial of rendering Turbulence FD volume with Arnold can be found here.


Reducing Noise

To reduce the amount of noise in a TFD container, you must ensure that any lights in your scene have sufficient volume samples. Alternatively, simply increase the AA samples.

Command Line Render

The following settings needed when exporting a scene to ASS and rendering from the command line via kick:

ARNOLD_TFD_PATH=c:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R23\plugins\TurbulenceFD_C4D_v1-0_1463\TurbulenceFD_R23_1463.xdl64

Alternatively you can set the standard g_additionalModulePath environment variable to point to the plugin folder. For instance:

g_additionalModulePath=c:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R23\plugins