In this short tutorial, we will cover how to use XGen to create some spline patterns that are reminiscent of Mandalas. We will use some of XGen's Spline Primitive attributes to create various patterns such as the example images below. These spline attributes can then be keyframed to create a hypnotic animation. More examples can be found here.


Base Geometry

NURBS cylinder top cap converted to polygons


Create Description



Spline Attributes



In Uniform Rows and Columns vs. Randomly Across the Surface

The images below show a comparison between how the primitives are generated. Both methods work as well as each other, although I find In Uniform Rows and Columns tends to look better in general. Try experimenting with both methods to see which one you prefer.


Example Spline Settings

Below are some examples of some finished renders with the XGen Spline Primitive attribute settings below. You can see the wide variety of different looks you can get just by adjusting the Bend and Tilt spline attributes.




Batch Render

Remember to do the following steps before batch rendering otherwise the XGen description will not render:



That concludes this short tutorial on rendering patterns with XGen splines. Other things to try could include using different polygon shapes to attach the description to and adding expressions and color to the spline attributes. Have fun experimenting with XGen splines!