Release Date

24 November 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.


MtoA 1.4.1 addresses important issues regarding the Texture Workflow.  A few more IPR fixes have been done, as well as some improvements in the Arnold RenderView.

Windows users will no longer have to run the installer twice to update MtoA.


This release comes with a new shelf icon, and it might therefore be necessary to erase the "shelves" directory in Maya's user preferences folder to see it updated.

Texture Workflow Fixes

IPR Fixes

Maya 2017 fixes

Arnold RenderView improvements

New Mesh Light

When selecting a mesh and doing "Arnold->Light->Mesh light", it now creates a new type of light in Maya that references the selected shape. This allow you to see the light in Maya UIs like Light Editor, Light-linking Editor, etc... and make it consistent with other types of Arnold Lights. The previous system (changing mesh parameter "translator" to "mesh_light") is still supported but is now considered as deprecated and will be removed in the long-term future.

Export All Shading Groups

With this export option, all shading groups are exported (or only the selected ones during export selected), even if they're not assigned to any geometry in the scene. This prevents you from assigning the shaders to dummy geometries for export (as could be done in the past).

Other changes

Incompatible Changes

An option "Legacy Temperature" in the Render Settings (Tab "Lights") allows to restore the previous behavior.





#2432Texture with <udim> + <f>
#2482Swatch render crashes Maya
#2652Bump mapping no longer appears in Material Viewer using Arnold Shaders
#2675Udim textures can disappear from the render during sessions
#2649User is unable to cancel Render Sequence with Arnold
#2672Support Color Management in Arnold Image nodes
#2674Swatch render should support "use existing tx"
#2145Tx Manager doesn't find all scene textures when UV Tiling Mode = UDIM (Mari)
#2435Cannot marquee or drag select standins and regular Maya objects
#2588Allow to open ARV without starting the render
#2589Possible slowdown due to batch_progress_driver
#2609Arnold TX manager floating window stuck in UI
#2611Light color temperature should be computed in sRGB Linear color space
#2618Some changes refresh ARV even if IPR is disabled
#2629Tx Manager lists texture as converted to tx even when tx file does not exist
#2632Cameras GL viewport attributes shouldn't affect IPR
#2650Maya hangs if you use Tx Manager to maketx a texture with two different color spaces
#2654Spread attribute missing from Curvature Shader UI
#2655Need to run installer twice when a previous version exists
#2656Light-links don't always update in IPR
#2657Duplicate in instance mode doesn't refresh in IPR
#2658MayaBlend should clamp mask values to be between 0 and 1
#2660Enabling deformation blur not updated in IPR
#2663Better handling of ARV window resizing
#2664Area Light might need to flush cache during IPR
#2668Tx Manager applies operation to wrong file
#2671Optionally show full paths in Tx Manager
#2676UV Editor changes are not always updated in IPR
#2677Standins Export failing if options weren't created
#2679Restore pre-1.4.0 behavior of LOD visibility
#2681XGen description no longer inherits transforms (Maya 2017 or later)
#2683Expose portal_mode parameter in skydome
#648When a shape node is selected, it is not exported by "Export Selection..."
#2590If Use Existing TX files enabled and TX file doesn't exist, MtoA doesn't use the non-TX texture
#2648aiStandard shader presets default to Beckmann and not GGX specular
#2385Improve the node representation for mesh lights
#2637scene shading network export option