This shader is considered deprecated and will be removed in a future release. You should use the Standard Hair shader instead.

Further examples of customer work using the Hair shader can be found here.

To render multiple hair curves using the same hair shader, it is far easier to create an override set. Tutorials on how to render curves can be found here.


The shader is divided into diffuse and specular tabs, more info on which can be found below. 


The matte option enables you to create holdout effects, by rendering the alpha as zero.





Visible in Reflections/ Refractions is disabled by default for Maya hair. You must enable it in the Render Stats of the hairSystemShape.

Middle drag the Ai Hair node onto the 'Hair Shader' slot in the Arnold attributes of the hair

The controls are split into groups for Diffuse and Specular


Motion blur

When rendering hair with motion blur, the hair must first be cached, otherwise, you will get incorrect results. The animation below shows the results of rendering with and without hair caching (rollover mouse to view the animation).

Left: Cached hair (motion blur renders correctly). Right: Hair without cache (motion blur renders incorrectly). Rollover mouse to view the animation.