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It is possible to render Maya curves with Arnold. An Arnold tab is appended to a Maya curve, which allows the user to define a shader (defaults to a hair shader), curve width and the sample rate used to describe the curve.

To render multiple hair curves using the same hair shader, it is far easier to create an override set. Tutorials on how to render curves can be found here.

The above settings are provided via the Attribute Editor for curves

Currently, there is no checkbox to avoid SSS computations in point and curve primitives. However, the use of SSS is not supported with point and curve primitives and is therefore not recommended.

Render Curve

Determines whether or not the curve will render.


Curve Width

Defines the rendered thickness of the spline.


Curve Width 0.01 - 0.1

It is also possible to connect a texture map or shader (e.g. Noise) to the Curve Width attribute.

Noise texture connected to 'Curve Width' attribute

It is not currently possible to map a 3d texture or project a texture to the Curve Width attribute.

It is not possible to displace a spline curve using a displacement shader.

Sample Rate

Sets the number of samples taken to reproduce the Maya curve. Note that it is only possible to have more samples along the length direction of the spline and not the width.


Min. Pixel Width