This tutorial covers how to apply color to XGen primitives using the User Data node in combination with a texture map. The effect is similar to a technique called Pointillism, where small dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. For some real world inspiration, you should also look at some of the work by this artist and this artist and also this artist who use many small objects to create large works of art.

The button model used for this tutorial can be downloaded here.

Before you start this tutorial, it is advised that you also read the tutorial Controlling Primitives with a Texture Map which shows you how to define the scale of your XGen primitives.








Adjust the Size and Spacing so that the buttons are almost touching


Ai UserData Color node connected to Color attribute of Standard Surface shader


Add the name 'color' to the Color Attr Name in the Ai UserData Color node



Button archive primitives are using the black Default Color of the Ai UserData Color node


Custom Shader Parameters

Custom Shader Parameters


Custom Shader Parameters set to Color



Remember to select the disk icon after updating the file texture used to define the primitive attributes. Otherwise, XGen will not bake the ptex map to disk and the render will not change.






Further archive examples




Thanks to Pedro Fernando Gómez for his assistance with XGen. Pepe model by Daniel M. Lara (Pepeland)