Maya's Paint Effects are a fun and easy way to create complex curve shapes. This tutorial will show you how to render an abstract portrait head using a combination of Maya's Paint Effects brushes, render curves and Override sets.

Many thanks to Lee Perry Smith for the use of the head scan used in this tutorial.


Toon Outline

Toon Outline


Assign Paint Effects Brush to Toon Lines

We could convert the Toon Outline to curves as it is, however, we can make it look more interesting by adding a Paint Effects brush to the Toon Outline first.


'bpointScribbleIndigo' brush assigned to Toon Outline (Global Scale 1).



Paint Effects Modifier

Paint Effects deformed using a Paint Effects Modifier (rollover image).


Paint Effects to Curves

A quicker and more efficient method for rendering multiple curves is to use the Curve Collector.

The newly created attributes should appear under Extra Attributes under Arnold in the attribute editor of the Set.




That's it. You are ready to start lighting and rendering! Have fun and try experimenting with different Paint Effects brushes and deformer settings to get some interesting results.


Further examples