Multichannel EXRs are possible using Merge AOVs.


Specify the type of compression used.

Half Precision

Specify whether 16-bit floating-point (binary16) is used (as opposed to full 32-bit precision). This provides a sufficient degree of precision in many cases while keeping data usage down.


Preserve Layer Name

If checked, the data of the different AOVs will be stored in the EXR in layers with the names of the AOV, and not the RGB.



Merge AOVs 

This option saves multiple AOV layers into one multi-channel EXR file. It writes all enabled AOV's to one image file, naming the layers in the EXR with the name of the 'RenderPass'.


It is possible to write out custom EXR metadata using integer, float, point 2, matrix 16, and string values.

EXR overscan options can be found in the Render Settings.