Release Date

25 July 2016

This version uses the Arnold core.



Arnold for Maya is included with a default install of Maya 2017 via the mtoa.mll plug-in. This plug-in is auto-loaded, and Arnold is set as the preferred renderer in Maya. More information about Arnold for Maya can be found in the Autodesk Maya User Guide
In Maya 2017, Arnold rendering no longer requires a license when executed from the Maya interface. This applies for the Arnold RenderView, Maya Render View, Sequence Rendering, and Render To Texture. Only Batch Rendering requires an Arnold license to be rendered without watermarks.

A guide to transitioning to Arnold for Maya 2017 can be found here. 


Some existing Maya features weren’t previously supported with Arnold. MtoA 1.3.0 now supports the following ones :


Maya 2017 comes with several new features related to rendering. MtoA 1.3.0 allows the following ones to be supported with Arnold :


Previous versions of MtoA had poor support for Maya’s Viewport 2.0 (VP2). Major improvements have been made with VP2 in MtoA 1.3.0 for Maya 2017, including :


Maya’s Color Management (aka SynColor) is now fully supported with Arnold. The Display View Transform defined in Maya Preferences (Windows->Settings / Preferences-> Preferences) is now applied to all display devices (Arnold RenderView, Maya Render Viewer, Material Viewer, VP2). For input textures, the Color management rules are applied when converting the textures to mipmaps (.TX files). The “Color Space” attribute was also added to Arnold Image nodes, and is taken into account during the TX conversion. A new attribute “auto-tx” in the Arnold Render Settings is enabled by default. It automatically converts all the files to .tx mipmaps when necessary. This way the default behavior is now that Color Management is correct for both input textures and display. A progress bar will appear on the first render (or when a texture is modified) to show how many images are being converted to mipmaps. By disabling “auto-tx”, the textures will have to be converted manually : The TX Manager (Arnold->Utilities->TX Manager) now shows the color space for each texture, and converts each of them to the appropriate one. Deprecated “Gamma Correction” attributes from the Arnold Render Settings (Display Gamma, Shader Gamma, Texture Gamma, Light Gamma) were removed. The parameter texture_automip (similar to the new auto-tx but performed in RAM at every render) has been removed too.






Maya 2017 comes with MtoA 1.3.0, which is installed automatically with Maya (by default), but it is still possible to manually install newer versions of MtoA. For these manual installations, a forced silent install option has been added for Windows and Linux. On linux, issues used to appear when MtoA was installed by a “super-user” with administrator rights, which have now been solved.


#1918XGen > Export Selection as Archive doesn't work on Mac OS X or CentOS 7
#1939Cannot export XGen archives on Windows 8
#2075IPR crashes when exiting "look through selected"
#2172Improve drawing of lights UI for VP2
#2173Use Subcene override to draw standins in VP2
#2308Add support for sky shader environment display in VP2
#2326Linux installer needs a silent installation option
#2331Windows installer option for forced silent install
#2354Hide gamma attributes from MtoA
#2440[MAYA-71151] On Linux, MtoA isn't found if Maya was installed from super user: docs/usability issue
#2442Use VP2 IBL lighting for skydome/sky shader
#2443[MAYA-71334] XGen interactive groom splines doesn't render on Mac
#2444[MAYA-71350] Arnold in Maya's Render View fails in Chinese/Japanese language mode
#2445Update EULA for MtoA
#2449Fix support for Importing/Exporting Arnold AOV Overrides
#2461[MAYA-71647] Linux Maya crash when using Maya Render View and then Arnold Render View
#2463Remove Houdini Experimental Menu
#671Environment node gets removed on "Delete Unused Nodes"
#1876"Use existing .tx files" is not working with relative paths
#1998Loading PolyTools and MtoA crashes Maya
#2296Arnold Merge AOV’s corrupting Render Settings
#2302Support Maya UV-tile tokens
#2307Add support for light blocker display in VP2
#2340Update Gamma/Exposure from Maya impacts the RenderView display
#2342Update About Box for MtoA
#2374Bifrost aero broken in Maya 2016 Extension 2
#2382Arnold Shading Node Problems
#2383Update arnold VP2 shaders to support OSD
#2386Particle instancer doesn't create instances when deform blur is disabled
#2390Cannot assign new shader to object after you delete assigned shader
#2395Render Selection to Texture renders with watermark
#2396Arnold Stand-In export doesn't default to *.ass file
#2409Include mr to arnold conversion script in MtoA release
#2456Add new outliner icons
#2457Add Render Setup Node Templates to MtoA
#2458RenderView needs a progress message when 'Auto-convert Textures to .tx' is enabled
#2462Highlight Arnold as "New" for Maya 2017
#1328Batch render cannot be stopped on linux
#1924MtoA logs a "Could not find xgen_procedural" error during load
#2157XGen: Arnold crash when exporting selection as archive
#2242Changing Render Resolution should update the RenderView
#2306Add color management support for VP2 for skydome light
#2311IPR Update Fail : Changing Translator
#2320Update volumes for VP2 from draw override
#2330Support Pixel Aspect Ratio in RenderView
#2332Fix substring search out of bounds in debug, Part II
#2336Prepare MtoA for Maya 2017
#2339Provide mapping between VP2 hairPhysicalShader and aiHair
#2343Add some support for VP2 lighting for arnold light types
#2349Scene containing UDIM file textures crashes the RenderView
#2360Fix exposure support for skydome VP2 display
#2362Issues with OpenGL and ARV
#2380Area light fails to display in VP2 when Maya first starts up
#2393ShadowCatcher AOVs are failing
#2430Render Settings window becomes corrupt if open when close/open Maya with Arnold renderer selected
#2441Missing Scene Assembly render settings with Arnold
#2464Remove texture_automip from MtoA parameters
#608aiSky preview invisible in certain angles
#2292Adding lights from the main Arnold menu does not add them to the light group in Hypershade
#2294Fix substring search out of bounds in debug
#2341maketx tries to access /home/oscar



#2295Automatic TX conversion
#2355Support Maya's new interactive sequence render mode
#2403TX Manager should be colorspace aware
#1302No proper select implementation for the standin
#2284Support shader nodes in Maya's LookdevKit
#2293Support rendering to the Material Viewer in Maya's Hypershade editor
#2348Add Support for Arnold AOV Callbacks
#2408[MAYA-70831] Add layer name to Render View caption
#1617On demand StandIn Update BBox info
#2122Support stereo/multicam
#2318Add support for Arnold lights in Maya's light editor
#2334Migrate XGen UI script to Qt5/PySide2
#2364Create AE/NE templates for Arnold shaders
#2368Add support for more Maya materials and textures
#2376Use sampling and ray depth values from render settings in the Material Viewer
#2406Determine which parameters require to update IPR
#2434Allow Render to Texture to support procedurals
#1905Change range of “Anisotropy” in volume_scattering to [-0.9, +0.9]
#2321Update comments to explain how to use Color Management in RenderView
#2324Add Color Management to RenderView
#2337Update MtoA Volume docs page with current image and menu info
#2338Create Maya Fluids/Fire asset for VDB & aiVolumeCollector, aiVolumeSample workflows





#2489[2016.5] Cannot load MtoA: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '2016.5'
#2491[2016.5] Arnold not listed as a renderer
#2492Maya Render View freezes Maya