30 July 2017

This is a feature release, bringing improved IPR rendering.  This includes adding, removing and re-wiring of shaders during IPR renders in the VOP shading network.  Note this excludes changes to the output nodes in the VOP network (for example rewiring the Material output node is not currently supported), and any shader nodes that were not connected at translation time.

  1. Get the install files on Solid Angle Downloads.
  2. Follow these installation instructions.

This release uses Arnold and OpenVDB 4.0.0.

Binaries available for the following Houdini, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie and Houdini Education production builds:


and for the following platforms:


Please note that Houdini Apprentice does not support third party renderers and thus cannot run HtoA.


See also the Arnold release notes for the full list of core enhancements and fixes.