Tutorials about Operators can be found here.


Operators are available from the Render Settings > Main > Advanced section which opens a node editor (similar to the shader network editor) to create an operator network. Only one operator network can be active, which is the first Arnold Operators object in the Object Manager.   


Create new operator network in Render Settings

You can export operator graphs to ASS files and import them back in any DCC using the Arnold Operator Network Editor window.

You can also run the export / import from a python script.


Arnold Node Names by C4DtoA

When C4DtoA translates the Cinema 4D scene to an Arnold scene, it uses the following rules to assign names to the Arnold nodes:


The following table contains examples of names generated for different objects and materials.

TypeRuleC4D nodesArnold nodes
Generic objectThe path of the object hierarchy, separated by '/' character. 





Object generatorThe '|' character is used to separate the hierarchy of the object and the object cache. Note, that the object cache usually has a root Null object.





Instance objectSame rules apply as the object generator.





Particle instancesThe name of the emitter and 'instance_[index]' separated by the '|' character.





ShaderThe material name and the shader name separated by the '|' character, starting with the '/' prefix.