The Maya ACES workflow (using Syncolor) is simpler to use with fewer transforms, for those users who do not need a full set of transforms.

More information about Color Management can be found here and here.



Set OCIO Config Path

This can be done in two ways:

OCIO = C:\OCIO\aces_1.0.3\config.ocio


We will consider the second option:

Color Management Preferences

Set Transform Preferences

Define Color Space Rules

Go to the Input Color Space Rules, and choose OCIO Standard Rule or Default. When using Default, you can change the color space by default to what you need, when opening all images in your scene. For example, choose ACES-ACEScg in Rule Conditions -> Add Image Color Space (for opening images), and save your Preferences and scene. 

Alternatively, you can deselect 'Use OCIO Input Color Space Rules' so that you can add your own rules for various file formats.

Maya Color Management Preferences


For all other images, not converted to ACEScg, you will need to individually set-up the color space for the Image and File nodes.

Image shader




Thanks to Doug Walker and Slava Sych for their assistance with this tutorial.