Next, you will need to set-up the HoudiniFX path to download the ACES configuration (most 3D graphics packages already contain a predefined configuration package), but in this case, we will use the downloaded version.

OCIO = C:\OCIO\aces_1.0.3\config.ocio


Start HoudiniFX and create a New project.
Next, create a ROP_sop, and create an Arnold_ROP inside it.


Arnold_ROP-> Properties->Output


Properties->Device->Color Management


With the parameters called (IDT), you can change the color space by default for opening all images in your scene. LDR Color Space - this parameter set-up the default color space for an image with low dynamic range, 8-16 bit.
For example, choose Utility - sRGB - Texture for LDR Color Space. Now all of images color space (when opened in an Image node) are automatically changed to Utility - sRGB - Texture.

Image node


Next, you will need to change the View Transform (ODT) in the Render View and Mplay to Rec.709 (ACES).

Render View





Thanks to Doug Walker and Slava Sych for their assistance with this tutorial.