Bug fixes


Bug fixes





Improved sampling of photometric lights: Photometric lights now take advantage of the same techniques used for point lights. This can show significant reductions in noise, especially for large lights illuminating surfaces at grazing angles (rim lighting, for example). (#7646)

Separate azimuthal roughness in standard_hair: You can now specify different roughness values for the azimuthal and longitudinal distributions on the standard_hair shader. A new roughness_azimuthal parameter is used when roughness_anisotropic is enabled. The roughness parameter is then used to control the longitudinal roughness. When roughness_anisotropic=falseroughnesscontrols both the azimuthal and longitudinal distributions as before. (#7400)

License manager priorities: Order in which license managers are checked can now be specified by the environment variable ARNOLD_LICENSE_MANAGER which contains a comma separated list of the following tokens (clmrlm or none). If ARNOLD_LICENSE_MANAGER is not set, Arnold will use the default priorities of rlm,clm. (#7384)For example, to alter the default order, and use first Autodesk Licensing (CLM) , and if it fails use RLM:


To use Autodesk licensing only:


To disable all license managers (you'll always get watermarks!):


Linkable toon uv/angle_threshold: The NPR toon shader's uv_threshold and angle_threshold parameters are now linkable. (#7713)

Adaptive Subdivs Interruption: It is now faster to interrupt ongoing adaptive subdivision (#7722) 

Cryptomatte 1.1.0: Upgraded Cryptomatte to 1.1.0 which contains the fix: "Preview AOVs are now always displayed in display drivers, even when preview_in_exr is disabled". (#7631)

Upgrade OIIO and OSL: OIIO has been upgraded to 2.0.1 and OSL to 1.10.1 (#6040, #7283)

Profiling node stages: Profiling of node_init and node_update have been added so that it's possible to see which nodes are consuming significant time in these stages. (#7313)

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