Subpixel Merge

Beauty Tolerance

Alpha Tolerance


If we reduce the tolerance values to zero we will get many samples when rendering the scene and viewing it in Nuke (see below).

However, if we raise the tolerance values (see below), we are effectively creating a threshold by which the samples are merged.

Depth Tolerance

Half Precision





Use RGB Opacity

Filter Beauty


Merge Subpixel Samples
Beauty ToleranceIf the opacity error along beauty is smaller than this threshold, samples will be merged.
Alpha Tolerance
Depth Tolerance
Half Precision for BeautySet half precision format for the beauty.
Half Precision for Alpha

Half Precision for Depth
RGB Opacity
Filter BeautyFilter the beauty layer.
Layer Name

Output layer names can be customized by adding an optional custom layer name after the driver name. Output layers in files that support layers (such as regular or deep EXR files) can be individually set to type 'HALF' by adding an optional 'HALF' modifier to the corresponding output string. For instance: "my_aov RGB filter driver HALF".