HtoA is a minor release using Arnold

Please download the .py3 version of the HtoA installer when installing the Python 3 versions of Houdini.


  1. Download Arnold for Houdini

  2. Follow these installation instructions

System Requirements

  • Houdini, Houdini FX, Houdini Indie and Houdini Education
    • 18.0.597
    • 18.5.759
    • 19.0.383


  • htoa#1863 Support for Solaris scene import plugins to fetch arnold procedural OBJ nodes into Solaris using the SceneImport LOP.

Bug Fixes

  • htoa#1865 Creating groups using metadata for OBJ procedurals hangs Houdini.
  • htoa#1867 Crash in Solaris rendering face varying user data.
  • htoa#1868 Regression in GPU rendering in Solaris.
  • htoa#1869 Crash using render delegate in Solaris on OSX.

  • ARNOLD-11141 - Incorrect luminance/blackbody/wavelength when using multiple render sessions with different linear color spaces
  • ARNOLD-11587 - Artifacts on switching texture_use_existing_tx in IPR for OSL shaders
  • ARNOLD-11588 - Switching texture_use_existing_tx does not update in IPR
  • ARNOLD-11636 - Out of range error when reading from Pref user data
  • ARNOLD-11676 - Resetting a face-varying user data does not remove the indices parameter
  • ARNOLD-11697 - Unable to raise GI sample settings from 0 during IPR
  • ARNOLD-11716 - Hang when rendering in free mode fails while another render is running
  • ARNOLD-11746 - Crash in OIDN denoiser
  • ARNOLD-11747 - Crash in node destroy after the render is finished
  • ARNOLD-11756 - Crash with standard_volume assigned to an implicit node
  • ARNOLD-11781 - Artifacts when rendering with CPU, adaptive, progressive and box filter
  • ARNOLD-11784 - Crash when creating and deleting AtUniverses in parallel
  • ARNOLD-11787 - Missing documentation about parameter in AiMsg* API
  • ARNOLD-11806 - Calling AiRenderBegin while rendering can cause a crash
  • ARNOLD-11819 - Crash in AiMsgXxx when creating and deleting multiple render sessions
  • ARNOLD-11825 - Instancer does not propagate user data of type array
  • ARNOLD-11831 - Missing Python bindings for AiParamValueGetPtr/SetPtr
  • ARNOLD-11840 - Confusing deprecation warning with visible lights
  • ARNOLD-11684 - [GPU] Hang with autobump when the displacement shader reads user data
  • ARNOLD-11702 - [GPU] Crash when flushing texture cache with OSL textures
  • ARNOLD-11711 - [GPU] Crash in interactive rendering with some light sampling settings
  • ARNOLD-11717 - [GPU] Crashes when rendering on GPU with Optix denoiser in batch render sessions with a display driver
  • ARNOLD-11804 - [GPU] Infinite values in P AOV on background
  • ARNOLD-11815 - [GPU] Crash in ramp_rgb with curves_only
  • ARNOLD-11612 - [OCIO] Warnings if the OCIO color manager uses a non default config file
  • ARNOLD-11640 - [MaterialX] Silent error when writing materials using the node name as the material name
  • ARNOLD-11654 - [MaterialX] Importing shaders with multiple outputs fails
  • usd#902 Render session is not passed to AiDeviceAutoSelect
  • usd#900 Avoid calling AiRenderBegin if render is already running
  • usd#905 Integer primvar Render Vars fail to render via husk
  • usd#906 Version is not set as default when returning SDR definitions
  • usd#928 Transform from the Point Intancer is not applied to instances
  • usd#918 Rendervars do not show up in Houdini 19
  • usd#915 Volume shader is not applied to the ArnoldVolume primitive in Hydra
  • usd#458 Point instancer should prune the primitives under its hierarchy
  • usd#904 No way to have Point Instancer prototypes hidden
  • usd#924 Writer now saves the default color manager node
  • usd#921 Remap curves primvars to avoid "wrong data count" errors
  • usd#854 Primvars is ignored when rendering basisCurves as b-spline

Known Issues

  • htoa#1874  Husk fails to load on Linux in Houdini 19.  Please work around with export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/hfs19.0.383/dsolib or update the rpath on to this directory.
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