Release Date

June 28, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core. 



MtoA 2.0.1 is the version included in Maya 2018. It contains major bugfixes and new features:


  • Several MtoA shaders didn't appear in batch renders
  • Kick was returning color management errors
  • Fixed multi-thread issues related to color management
  • Linux : couldn't be loaded
  • OSX : maketx command couldn't be executed
  • Indirect lighting was wrong with chained bump shaders
  • Multiple XGen patches weren't rendering properly in IPR
  • Per-face shading assignments could fail
  • Fixed Shadow Matte result when used with an Image Plane
  • Image plane color space was lost during IPR iterations
  • Fixed viewport warnings in Maya 2015/2016
  • Switch shader wasn't exported when connected to RGBA shaders
  • Mesh lights were shaded incorrectly in transmission rays
  • Connecting a texture to Transmission Weight was greying out the SubSurface section

Arnold RenderView (ARV):

  • ARV settings are now saved in user preferences (instead of being saved in the scene).
  • Menu Save Image Options allows you to choose a view transform when the image is saved
  • Added icon and hotkey for Isolate selected
  • Fixed crash when the render camera, or the displayed AOV, is deleted
  • Gamma slider didn't work until Display Settings weren't opened

New Features / Parameters :

  • Introducing AOV Shaders, that allow additional shaders (like the AovWrite shaders) to be invoked during rendering. 3rd party shaders like cryptomatte can be ported to be used as an AOV shader.
  • New Thin Film parameters in Standard Surface
  • Added support for Blobby and Cloud modes in Particles
  • Volumes can now be used inside a PolyMesh
  • Indirect Sample Clamp in the Render Settings allows you to reduce the noise caused by indirect illumination (it's now enabled by default)
  • AOV Indirect attribute in Skydomes allows you to choose whether the skydome illumination has to fill the "direct" or the "indirect" AOVs.
  • Added "Coat" builtin AOVs, and removed the coat illumination from the "Specular" AOVs
  • Added attribute presets in Standard Surface IOR and Subsurface Radius parameters
  • Strength parameter in !aiNormalMap
  • Added Export Color Manager option in the export settings
  • Texture mode in Image planes is now supported

Other Changes :

  • Extended "Convert deprecated shaders" menu to support alSurface/alHair
  • Fixed/removed deprecated "help" menus
  • Added existing atmosphere nodes in the atmosphere's "Create" list
  • Linux: delete previously installed files before a new version is installed


#3000color management fails in kick (color space is not linear)
#2941surfaceShader fails in Batch Renders in MtoA 2.0
#2974crash when creating an Arnold Standin in mainline
#2992Existing atmosphere nodes don't appear in the "create" list
#3002XGen multiple patches support in Arnold RenderView/IPR
#3035White pixels cover Geo with Subsurface, Thin Walled and Visible Mesh Light
#3040Arnold 4 files are being left behind when updating to Arnold 5 on Linux
#3043Mutli-thread issues in SynColor color manager
#3060[Linux] unable to load dynamic library
#3065Batch render crash when texture applied to opacity
#2350MayaImagePlane causes an error when imagePlane Type is Texture
#2928Setting up attribute affects for aiStandard
#2960unavailable Bucket Scanning settings such as "woven" become "list" in MtoA 2.0 and rendering fails
#2976aiSwitch shader not working correctly
#2978Shadow Matte not working with image planes
#2980kick fails with 2018 using color_space_conversion
#2983Crash when you remove the AOV that is shown in the Arnold Render View
#2986No indirect light when you chain MayaBump2d nodes together
#2987Connecting a texture to the Transmission weight disables the Subsurface section
#2988ARV gamma slider doesn't work unless Display Settings are open
#2990Export image planes as an option background
#2991SynColor color manager crashes on OSX when config not found
#2995Add option to export color_manager node or not
#3001Image plane loses color space during IPR
#3007Improve syncolor plugin attributes
#3009MtoA Arnold > Help > Common Workflows - link File Not Found.
#3014Viewport warnings in Maya 2016
#3015Deleting render camera and update full scene crashes ARV
#3022Arnold errors when trying to render type with per face shading assignments
#3023Implement aov_shaders
#3024OSX maketx dynamically linked with OpenColorIO
#3026add command line flag to use a JSON file in Render.exe
#3030Disable caustics in standard surface presets
#3031ARV: save settings in user prefs
#3034Move back extension procedurals to the "procedurals" folder
#3037Add icon and hotkey for isolate selected
#3047Add indirect sample clamp in render settings
#3049Exposing new attributes in Arnold 5.0.1
#3051Syncolor color manager: higher debug level for transformation messages
#3052Export motion_stard/end in shapes
#3053Default Shader "link" icon not working
#3055Add attribute presets in standard surface
#3056Cameras should be exported with the global shutter settings by default
#3059Extend "convert deprecated" menu to alSurface/alHair
#3067ARV: allow to choose a view transform when an image is saved
#3075Add support for polymesh volumes
#2436[MAYA-71219] arnoldRenderer.xml file could stay in the mtoa module
#2206Add support for Blobby and Cloud particle types
#2965Allow Alternative File Out Location for Render Sequence



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