Release Date

August 8, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core. 



MtoA 2.0.2 is the version included in Maya 2018 Update 1.

For Bifrost w/ Maya 2018 users, it is necessary to upgrade to Maya 2018 Update 1 in order to render Bifrost with Arnold (this does not apply to older versions of Maya).


This version includes the following changes:


  • Render Setup overrides were not updated in IPR
  • ARV: Support "Isolate Selected" wasn't working with procedurals
  • Fixed crash when a new standard_volume shader is assigned to Bifrost Aero volume
  • Legacy "bifrostAeroMaterial" was assigned to Bifrost Aero when the Bifrost plugin was loaded after MtoA
  • "Convert Deprecated Shaders" improved for metal shaders
  • Applying standard surface presets didn't set all attributes properly, thus giving sometimes wrong results.
  • Maya native shaders exported as standard_surface (instead of legacy "standard")

Render to Texture Improvements :

  • AOVs can now be rendered during the baking
  • UV range (start / end) can be set
  • Normal offset exposed to avoid precision artifacts

New Features / Parameters :

  • Added "Indirect Specular Blur" in the Render Settings
  • Arnold Photometric lights now included in File Path Editor
  • OSL: stdosl.h and oslutil.h are now included in MtoA
  • When OCIO is used in Maya color management, a node color_manager_ocio is exported to avoid dependencies with SynColor
  • Changed the UI for "Render Stats" parameters in StandIns, now matching the way parameters are stored internally. It is now possible to override them with Maya Render Setup

Incompatible Changes :

  • In Maya 2018, the Bifrost procedural is no longer included in MtoA. It's now installed by the Maya Update 1, in a separate folder


#814preserve_scene_data is set to true when export bounding box attribute is enabled
#2515overriding standin Render Stats with Render Setup is not intuitive
#3112applying a regular shader preset after one with full transmission results in the wrong settings
#2982Indirect Specular Blur missing in MtoA
#3010Render Settings overrides don't update in ARV when using "Refresh Render"
#3021Arnold Photometric lights Photometry File references not included in Path Editor
#3092Export native Maya shaders as standard_surface
#3093ARV: support isolate selected with procedurals
#3111Load Bifrost procedural from an external path
#3114Upgrade syncolor for all versions of MtoA
#3119Remove "default driver" that was meant for mplay
#3121Crashes when Bifrost volume is sampled with an unknown channel
#3126Expose normal offset in "Render To Texture"
#3127Add support for AOVs in Render To Texture
#3128Render To Texture: support different UV ranges
#3129Allow defining a custom path for Bifrost procedural
#3130Legacy bifrostAeroMaterial assigned if bifrost loaded after MtoA
#3134Could not find include file: stdosl.h
#3139Improve Arnold4 conversion script for metals
#3008Export a color_manager_ocio (instead of color_manager_syncolor) when synColor is using an OCIO config

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