Release Date

August 10, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core. 


MtoA 3.1.0 is a feature release, including the following improvements:

Shader Improvements

  • Added sheen parameters in aiStandardSurface.
  • Added new cell noise shader aiCellNoise.
  • Cryptomatte shaders are included by default with MtoA.
  • aiToon can compute the edge detection based on custom toon_id value when it's set on the shapes.
  • New Matrix shaders.

Arnold RenderView

  • Added progress bar to the renderview.
  • Improved feedback in the status bar, about what is being processed by MtoA.


  • Added parameter "operators" allowing to apply operators to a specific standin only. The selection string must refer to the nodes inside the .ass file.
  • Show the contents of the .ass file in the Standin Attribute Editor, and allow to apply overrides on the selected items.
  • Stabilized the VP2 display of Standins, including if a render is in progress.

Render To Texture:

  • Added option "extend edges" to fill texture seams.


  • Improved the quality of both noice and optix denoisers.
  • Added menu in "Arnold->Utilities" to Export / Import operator graphs.
  • Maya shaders "checker", "multiplyDivide", and "clamp" are now being exported as Arnold native shaders.
  • Fixed IPR updates of XGen splines.
  • Improved Arnold area lights illumination in VP2.
  • Bifrost foam can be rendered with both a surface and a volume shader.
  • Extended the menu "Arnold->Utilities->Convert Shaders to Arnold" to support the following utility alShaders : alLayer, alLayerColor, alRemapColor, alRemapFloat, alFractal, alFlake, alLayer. A basic support of mia_material, dielectric and VrayMtl is also included.


Incompatible changes

MtoA 3.1.0 is not binary compatible with 3.0.* versions. All 3rd party extensions, shaders, and procedurals will need to be recompiled against the latest version.


#3511Cannot add custom string attribute to override sets
#2745[ARV] Improve feedback on what's being processed
#2811Convert Maya shaders as Arnold common shaders
#3463Uninstall.exe and left.bmp couse environment issues with custom MAYA_MODULE_PATH
#2523Render To Texture : add "fill texture seams"
#3003IPR update of XGen splines
#3136ARV rendering status indicator not obvious, and doesn't update on abort/failure
#3301Viewport - improve Arnold lights illumination representation in VP
#3395Allow to apply operator overrides in standins / procedurals
#3396Display Standin contents in Attribute Editor
#3486Switch to Arnold core maketx
#3497ARV: Re-introduce "export to ass"
#3499Don't export MayaFlatClosure when not needed
#3500Support Standins viewport display during render sessions
#3502Export / Import operator graphs
#3508Convert MultiplyDivide as Arnold native shaders
#3510Add more alShaders to the conversion script
#3513Export Maya's checker as Arnold checkerboard
#3515Merge with the Convert Shaders menu
#3517Expose sheen attributes in aiStandardSurface
#3519Export Maya Clamp as Arnold clamp
#3520Update to Bifrost plugin supporting foam with surface and volume
#3524Expose cryptomatte in MtoA
#3525Expose aiCellNoise in MtoA
#3530Add toon_id parameter on shapes
#3531Automatic namespacing not working with gpuCache
#3143Arnold4 conversion script: alLayer replacement




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