Bug fixes

  • #6177 wireframe artifacts when not in raster-space

  • #6184 MtoA crash when saving a scene using motion blur

  • #6186 triplanar uses wrong mipmap level for some parts of the object

  • #6187 triplanar uses overly high res mipmaps

  • #6192 Crash when removing and recreating a procedural instance

  • #6202 counter overflow crash in big scanline EXR images

  • #6203 Camera corruption after substantial foward zooming with kick -ipr m

  • #6219 photometric_light filename does not support environment variable expansion

  • #6222 Metallic BSDF albedo is always white

  • #6174 "host app" metadata item not readable by AiMetadataStoreLoadFromASS

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