May 22nd, 2019


  • Faster GPU cache pre-population: The optional GPU cache pre-population step is now faster. On a 56-logical core machine it is now 3x faster. (#8229, #8235, #8241)
  • Faster GPU IPR with high sample counts: Rendering with a high adaptive sampling max AA, or high AA will no longer incur an interactivity hit when in GPU IPR. (#8214)
  • License State Metadata: Rendered files now include a string metadata field arnold/license_state set to valid if a license was available, and to invalid otherwise. This can be used to detect watermarked renders due to transient license server failures when options.abort_on_license_fail is false. (#6140)
  • Improved uv_projection shader: The matrix parameter is now linkable (#8339), when Pref is not available the shader falls back to world coordinates (#8330), added clamp and default_colorparameters. (#8338)
  • Improved ramp_rgb and ramp_float shaders: Added a wrap_uvs parameter. (#8322, #8325)

API additions

  • GPU cache pre-population time estimateAiGPUCachePopulateRemainingSeconds() can be used to get an estimate of how many more seconds the GPU cache pre-population will take. (#8225)

Incompatible changes

  • NVIDIA driver requirements: GPU rendering now requires NVIDIA driver 418.56 or higher on Linux and 419.67 or higher on Windows. (#8257)
  • Shaderless volumes: Volumes with no shader assigned now render constant white instead of constant 50% grey. (#8268)

Bug fixes

  • #7819 IPR API not properly blocking
  • #8260 GPU cache written to the wrong location if user name has unicode chars
  • #8274 Slowdown with many operators
  • #6979 Incorrect shader assignment with make_instance enabled on Alembic procedural
  • #7981 Wrong output from aov_write shader when connected to layer_shader
  • #8157 Black pixels artifacts at various resolutions on GPU
  • #8196 Improve ignore_textures support on GPU
  • #8265 Volume artifacts with light_groups and deep_exr driver
  • #8296 Append mode broken for deep images
  • #8299 Emissive volumes render incorrectly on GPU
  • #8300 Crash, hang, or other errors when using more than AA=127 samples
  • #8305 Clarify in documentation that AiOcclusion spread is in radians
  • #8318 Noice crashes when no metadata is found
  • #8321 Error loading some photometric IES files
  • #8328 Noice: crash with different data windows per frame
  • #8340 Crash when disabling a procedural linked to an include_graph
  • #8352 Call post cook on included and child operators
  • #8362 Remove warning complaining about mismatched OptiX 6.1 version
  • #8389 OptiX version 0.0.0 error instead of out-of-date driver error
  • #8403 Alembic geometry loses shader on frame change
  • #7851 GPU volumetrics: bug when step_size is non-zero on a shape without a volume shader
  • #8065 GPU volumetrics: self-hit logic bug
  • #8249 GPU image node: support linking and env-var substitution for filename parameter
  • #8329 Raycount and cputime AOVs broken on GPU



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