This is a bugfix release, for a full list of features see the Arnold release notes.

Bug fixes

  • #8714 Allow up to 4 billion elements in an AtArray, regardless of number of keys
  • #8720 .ass file crashes and errors with extremely large AtArrays
  • #8644 Crash when deleting an alembic node that includes an ass file containing a shader.
  • #8727 Ensure the correct types are set when exporting MaterialX look-dev
  • #7882 [GPU] Add support for camera and screen transform space in space_transform shader
  • #8758 [GPU] Discrepancy when using tscale on the image node
  • #8697 [GPU] Incorrect output with Optix denoiser with region rendering
  • #8715 [GPU] Incorrect texture coordinates on curves
  • #8668 [GPU] Negative subsurface_color causes artifacts
  • #8679 [GPU] OSL GPU: Support OSL plugin shaders
  • #8107 [GPU] shadow precision issue with object and mesh light far away from origin
  • #8746 [GPU] Support user defined tangents and bitangents
  • #8745 [GPU] Support uvsets in ramp shaders
  • #8652 gracefully handle AiEnd without AiRenderEnd()
  • #8685 Improve ginstance selection matching
  • #8620 Occlusion through light blockers don't affect standard_hair
  • #8718 Out of memory error when building BVH with many objects
  • #8730 Potential data race in RenderSession::renderAsync
  • #8707 Slow node initialization of forward referenced nodes
  • #8719 Some error messages on Windows do not output integer values higher than 4 billion
  • #7835 Windows crash if there are more than about 170M points
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