To control the file output, use the Common tab on the Render Settings Window, and expand the File Output group.

The Image format control allows you to choose between the available Arnold output driver nodes.

In each case, you can specify a file name (or use the scene name if left blank) then choose various options depending on the output driver.

There is a way to view the output image of a render in progress. You must do the following:
  • Set your output to be tiled EXR, zip is fine.
  • Set the bucket scanning method to 'top'.
  • Use a viewer like imf_disp.

Merge AOVs

This option saves multiple AOV layers into one multi-channel EXR. It writes all enabled AOV's to one image file, naming the layers in the EXR with the name of the 'RenderPass'.


Information about metadata files can be found here and here.

Color Space

The Color Space attribute allows you to set a specific color space to output rendered images. By default, 8-bit images use the View Transform (sRGB gamma by default) through the Use View Transform option, and 16/32 bit images use the Apply Output Transform to Renderer (disabled by default) through the Use Output Transform option. The Raw option is to not apply any color transformation.

Enabling the Apply Output Transform to Renderer from the Maya Color Management preferences allows to set a dedicated color space to the renderer if Use Output Transform option was selected.

Using the Raw option or the Use Output Transform option (when Apply Output Transform to Renderer is disabled) do not apply any color transformation so the Rendering Space from the Color Management preferences is the color space of the output.

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